Founding of the closed limited company  “Polymer Tube Factory”, Mogilev, the Republic of Belarus through the manufacturing work shop for the exploitation of producing pipes and selected accessories of polyurethane Insulation.

The opening of two filial Companies CLC “Building and Installation Management PTF” and CLC “CKT- PTF” in Mogilev, Republic of Belarus.

Opening of new manufacturing facility in the Smolensk District of the Russian Federation , “LLC SMIT- YARTSEVO” which is today a leader among Russian    manufacturers of PU Insulated pipes.




With year 2004 “Polymer Tube Factory” Ltd. Co. participated in the “Best  Building Product of the Year”  Competition, appearing as the un comparable winner.   


The Company was Awarded with Certification of international Quality of Management corresponding to ISO 9001 and received international certificate ignet.


Broadened, extended the assortment of products and opened new production of thermo shrink sleeves at our “Rechitskii Factory of Polymer Tube” in the republic of Belarus.


Designed in consultation with the Academy of Sciences of Belarus a flexible pipe with PU Insulation with its   manufacturing technology and its  manufacturing equipment.


Began the first line of manufacturing flexible pipe with PU insulation mark “SMITHFLEX”.


The created International group of Companies “SMIT” with the “Polymer Tube Factory “ became members of the “EURO HEAT & POWER“ and “International District Energy Association“.


Opened new manufacturing facility “SKT UNIPLAST” for the production of double layer corrugated polypropylene pipes for outdoor canalization.



Opened a new work shop for the manufacture of flexible pipes with PU insulation “SMITHFLEX” and “SMITHFLEX-P” producing 600 kilometers per annum .


Opened filial Company TLL “SMIT KAZACHSTAN”, in the town of Astana, Republic of Kazachstan .


Released manufacture of new Thermo Shrink Sleeves and pipes with PU Insulation at the “SMIT-KAZACHSTAN” base.


The “POLYMER TUBE FACTORY” opened the manufacture of Thermo shrink Sleeves with large scale modernization of the production of PU Insulated Pipes.