Polyethylene pipe casing sheath

Pressure pipe from polyethylene with higher temperature resistance PE-RT type 2

Protective layer

Foamed polyurethane

SMITHFLEX-PV flexible pre insulated pipe s with pressure polymer pipe closed with an anti diffusion layer, intended for under ground (with or without ducts ) pipe network laying, for hot and cold water supply, with maximum working temperature carried to 80°C with the inclusion and pressure to 1,0 mpa.

Under continuous exploitation pipe and temperature of working average higher than 70°C with a term of service pipe line supply that defies temperature destruction or degrading.

Recently representatives of Lyondellbaell announced that the Company had reached a new high level of long term hydrostatic reliability with pipes of polyethylene of higher thermo resistance (PE-RT) mark hostalen 4731b resultant of recorded 23000 hours working under pressure to a temperature of 110°C This is three times higher than the requirements of the international given standards. This fact is supported by the EXOVA laboratory.

Standard ISO 9080 given method of accounting term of exploitation of polymer pipes.

Also corresponding to this standard for supporting a 50 years term of exploitation of pipes under continual use to temperature 95°C necessary to carry out tests on pipes to 110°C for a period of 12,5 years to determine an analogical term of exploitation of 100°C necessary test to 110°C for a period of 20 years.

Delivery of SMITHFLEX pipes is made with the pipes reeled, with view to lessoning the number of joint connections and the time of the overall heat network construction

Construction with the inclusion of SMITHFLEX reflects on the ability to compensate in the Heat Networks pipe expansion, consequently avoiding the necessary use of compensation and non moveable anchoring

SMITHFLEX pipes are accounted correctly as may be used in non duct laying, for which reason necessarily convenient in the heat networks laying in existing ducts, in the case of reconstruction, also avoiding intrusive elements

Flexible pipe SMITHFLEX allows laying with the avoidance of building obstructions, such as communication cable pipes, foundations etc

SMITHFLEX pipes do not allow outside or inside corrosion. Their manufactured inherent ability allocates them as suitable for the full term of their exploitation

Pipe SEMIFLEX-P has a flexible pressure pipe made of polyethylene of raised temperature resistance

PE-RT type 2

For the manufacture of the sheath casing polyethylene mark PE 80 is used or other mark of low pressure polyethylene of low and medium density, of imported manufacture with added stabilizers.


We include all pipes and auxiliary selections in foamed polyurethane systems in a remote control system (SODK). This system allows for the signalization in the case of vapor appearance in the heat network at an early stage and also indicates the point of vapor in the pipes heat network.